Liquid Applied Systems

We install a liquid waterproofing system, which consists of a product called: KEMPEROL® this is a complete resin-based liquid waterproofing system. Applied wet-on-wet, KEMPEROL® bonds directly to virtually any substrate to provide a seamless, elastomeric, UV-stable membrane that cannot delaminate. This offers distinct advantages over partially bonded, layered liquid, sheet membrane, or hot-applied materials.

Whether new build, full roof refurbishment or repair, we can offer reliable long-termprotection that you can specify with complete confidence – whatever the substrate or application.

The waterproofing components – one, two or three-part resins – saturate a polyester reinforcement fleece which is immensely strong yet flexible, durable, and tear-resistant. Each system cures to provide a reliable membrane that is permanently elastic and can withstand maintenance foot traffic.

Liquid Roofing System

Inverted Roof Systems

We install an inverted roof system, which are insulated roof structures with the waterproofing membrane placed under the insulation. This ‘upside-down’ sequence means the structural roof deck is waterproofed first, then insulated and finally finished with ballast such as gravel or paving slabs.

The ballast/Paving slabs protect the loose-laid insulation from wind uplift and provide a patio area to utilise the roof space as another communal area.

Warm and Cold Roof Systems

We install Warm roof systems for flat roofs these are assemblies where the thermal insulation is installed on top of the roof structure. This keeps the structural decking, usually constructed from timber, steel or concrete, at the same temperature levels as the internal temperature of the building. The waterproofing membranes are placed over the insulation to completely encapsulate it.

We also install Cold roof systems for flat roofs these types of roofs are where the membrane is laid directly over the substrate and the thermal insulation is installed on the underside of the roof.

warm and cold roof

Green Roof Systems

In the modern world of pollution, everything we can do to help the environment is worth it. We install various types of green roof systems:

Extensive Green roofs – Biodiverse Green roofs -Intensive Green roofs

The benefits to a green roof system are it combats the “heat Island effect”, creates a wildlife habitat, it increases the thermal performance of the roof, reduces noise pollution and it increases the longevity of the waterproofing system.

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding any of the above, Our team are fully trained in installing all the above systems to the highest standards, meaning that we will be able to provide the best possible solution and service for your needs.

Green Roof